Kranimex Ltd., Liebherr Group’s exclusive representative in the section of construction tower cranes and concrete technology, held a presentation of the fast-erecting crane LIEBHERR 81K and the truck mixer Liebherr HTM 904 FL in the company premises on 26 5. 2011th Crane was first presented at the exhibition Bauma 2010 and premiered in Slovakia at this presentation day.


LIEBHERR 81K is an absolute novelty of Liebherr production, both – in technical and visual aspects. This fast- erecting crane is characterized by max.  hook height of 40.4 m,  maximum load capacity6000 kg with end of the jib capacity of 1400 kg at 45 m. Crane works pure on two line operation “Speed 2 Lift”, where  is reached maximum performance at full speed and has also “Micromove” system with millimeter precision positioning of the load. Liebherr 81K has up to 25% more capacity than its predecessor, offers 11 possible heights below the hook, 4 possible length of the jib, the possibility of stocking the central ballast by crane itself, comfortable cabin with the best possible view and frequency  power units. The highest safety standards are in line with the new European Standard EN 14439. Crane is transported as a whole on the transport axles.

Technical parameters of the Liebherr 81K
Standard: EN 14439
Max. height: 40.4 m
Max. Load capacity: 6 000 kg
Max. unloaded: 45.0 m
Load capacity at 45m: 1 400 kg


LIEBHERR HTM 904 FL is a lightweight version of truck mixer with a new electronic control of the mixing drum – Litronic ® – EMC (Electronic Mixer Control). Benefits of Litronic ® – EMC control over existing systems are particularly in an uptrend comfort control in low operating costs and improving safety. Mixing drum offers the mixing drum shell with a thickness of 3 mm (Specialty Steel LH 37) and mixing coil with thickness of 4 mm (Specialty Steel LH 37), a lightweight copy of the guide rim and wear protection spiral mixers continuous welds. Lightweight truck mixer has identical geometric volume and transmission of the same size – no disadvantages compared to the standard design. Compared with the standard truck mixer   – with 300-liter aluminum water tank there is weight reduction up to 480 kg.


Technical parameters of the Liebherr HTM 904 FL
Concrete volume: 9 m3
Water volume: 10.22 m3
Geometric volume: 15.96 m3


In addition to these exhibits, guests were invited to survey service and spare parts facilities , as well as commercial and business premises of Kranimex Ltd.