Construction of the bridge in Komárno 2019

Construction of the bridge in Komárno 2019

The construction of the bridge in Komárno between Slovakia and Hungary is without a doubt a demanding project. The central bridge pillar from which the carrying ropes will flow consists of steel segments, some weighing almost 50 tons.

KRANIMEX has deployed a tower crane Liebherr 630EC-H 50 Litronic for construction.

Foundation anchors

The 630EC-H is mounted on the 24HC630 tower system and its foundation anchors were fitted directly into the concrete foundation of the bridge pillar below the water level.

Installation of crane

The crane was assembled using Clark ÁDÁM, the largest floating crane in Central Europe.

Crane climbing

Climbing was carried out in three phases in conjunction with the central pillar construction process.

1st phase – climbing to a height of 71.7 m below the hook
2nd phase – climbing to a height of 106.5 m below the hook
3rd phase – climbing to a height of 126.8 m below the hook

Crane anchoring

The biggest challenge of the bridge construction project in Komárno was anchoring the tower crane. Due to the continuous deflection caused by the increasing weight of the pillar, the crane had to be anchored several times between the phases of climbing.

Anchoring height:
1. anchoring – 53,1m from the ground
2. anchoring – 88,0m from the ground

Gallery :

Video – crane climbing timelapse

Video – bridge construction animation