Anti-collision system AMCS – Construction of the Eurovea II project

Anti-collision system AMCS – Construction of the Eurovea II project

If you recently visited the Eurovea shopping center or traveled near it, you must have noticed the “forest of cranes”, which is gradually growing here. Together, we (KRANIMEX spol. S r.o.) will deploy up to 14 cranes on a construction site area of only 300 x 100 meters. This project includes extension of the Eurovea shopping center, two office buildings and apartment buildings and the first Slovak skyscraper.

In order to guarantee maximum safety even during such work, we have equipped our cranes for the first time in Slovakia with an anti-collision system from the renowned French company AMCS Technologies, a specialist in safety on construction sites.

The principle of the anti-collision system consists in a system of sensors, transmitters, receivers and mechanical limiters controlled by the control unit on the basis of preset inputs of limits and restrictions. Allows you to adjust the movement of the jib and the trolley so that they do not interfere where it could be dangerous. The system works in real time and space and can calculate the distances between the cranes and the speed of their movement and stop it at a specified distance from the obstacle. The system also has an anemometer – a device for measuring wind speed, the records of which can also be checked back and, if necessary, downloaded and documented.

This system has been used on many major buildings around the world, including the famous La Défense business district in Paris, the huge Meydan One Mall with a luxury hotel, a ski slope, a lagoon and a 711-meter skyscraper in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Airport, the Tin Shui Wai complex in Hong Kong, the Puente Atlántico bridge over the Panama Canal, the port extension in Marseille or the football stadium in Lyon.

EUROVEA II project in numbers

Total number of tower cranes: 14 pcs
Construction site dimensions 300 x 100 m
GLA area 116,000 m²
Residences 47,000 m²
Offices 44,000 m2
Retail 25,000 m²