Liebherr tower cranes on the EUROVEA 2 project

Liebherr tower cranes on the EUROVEA 2 project

The expansion of the popular EUROVEA complex is currently the largest construction project in Bratislava.
The construction itself began in December 2019, but even before it began, our designers had to deal with the challenge of designing the layout of tower cranes on a construction site of only 300 x 100 meters.

A total of 14 cranes are working on the project, while the highest ever built in Slovakia will gradually grow together with the EUROVEA TOWER skyscraper. In total, tower sections with a total height of more than 1.1 kilometers will be used and deployed for this project at the same time.

View of the construction site from a drone – 25.02.2021

video capture by metthouse_movie

Table with description of deployed cranes:

Concreting of the foundation slab for the first Slovak skyscraper EUROVEA TOWER.

The concreting of the biggest foundation slab of the apartment building, which has been built in Slovakia so far, lasted continuously for three days and nights.
The concrete was produced by three batching plants, while two more backup ones were ready and it was imported to the construction site by truck mixers, which “turned” more than 630 times.
The concrete was pumped into the pit by three mobile pumps, which were supplemented by one stand-by pump during the necessary technical breaks, and one backup pump was also prepared.
Total weight of steel reinforcement: 1 880 ton
Biggest reinforcement bars: diameter 4 cm, lenght 12 m, weight 120 kg / each
Base plate thickness: 3m
Concrete volume: 7 050 m3

In this video, in addition to the extensive concreting of the foundation, you can also see the unique installation of a tower crane on the roof of the historic building of the Bratislava port.

Gallery of photos from the concreting of the first Slovak skyscraper (photo by JTRE):

Reconstruction of the historic building Warehouse No.7.

Warehouse no. 7 of the Bratislava port in Bratislava on the Danube embankment is listed as a national cultural monument as a technical monument. Its reconstruction is taking place at the same time as the construction of the EUROVEA II project. Due to the lack of space on the construction site, it was necessary to place a working crane for this project on the roof of the building.

This required extensive static recalculations and the use of supports for each floor under the crane base downt to the bottom itself – the solid ground.

You can see the massive supports for the crane in this picture:

Gallery for dismantling the tower crane from the roof of the Warehouse No.7 building:

Interesting facts and numbers about the EUROVEA II project

With the help of four drilling rigs, almost 1,400 piles with a total length of almost 22 kilometers were drilled, forming part of the foundations of the building.
An average of almost 300 workers work on the construction site every day.
Expansion of the shopping center – 25,000 m2 of retail space (together with the existing center of 85,000 m2)
Eurovea Tower – 45 floors, height 168 meters, 389 residences
Eurovea Riverside – 7 floors, 96 residences
Pribinova X – 18,000 m2 of rentable office space
Pribinova Y – 22 000 m2 of rentable office space
Underground garages – 1,400 parking spaces
Extension of the Danube promenade – waterfront park 25,000 m2 and a new activities park, playgrounds
Expected completion in 2022-2023
The total volume of the foundation concrete – 3,104 m3
he total volume of concrete in the rough construction – 146 180 m3
Total weight of reinforcement – 26,869.51 t


Source: investor JTRE, EUROVEA CITY