Fast-erecting cranes – new section of the D1 highway

Fast-erecting cranes – new section of the D1 highway

Construction work on the new section of the D1 highway and the Višňové tunnel are started. Due to the need for frequent relocations of tower cranes, the use of self-erecting tower cranes is an ideal technical solution. From our fleet we are deployed a total of 5 Liebherr self-erecting cranes for the contractor Skanska SK a.s.

Deployed Liebherr self-erecting cranes:


The section of the D1 motorway in question is part of transport corridor no. V.A on the territory of the Slovak Republic in the route Bratislava – Žilina – Košice – Uzhhorod (Ukraine), in accordance with the routes of European multimodal transport corridors and in accordance with the zoning plan of the Regional Office of the Žilina Region.

Valley of the Cranes

During construction, the cranes became the dominant element of the site’s appearance and the builder gave this place the unofficial name “Valley of the Cranes”.