The first Liebherr concrete pump in the Czech Republic

The first Liebherr concrete pump in the Czech Republic

A unique Liebherr concrete pump THP 170H 36 M5 XXT has arrived in the Czech Republic for the customer OSBET Beton.

The vehicle is unique in several aspects: firstly, it is a completely new model in which the manufacturer has implemented a number of advanced solutions, and secondly, it is the very first concrete pump of this brand that was delivered in the Czech Republic. The new vehicle is already working to the satisfaction of OSBET Betón customers. The same model was also on display at the recently concluded construction technology fair Bauma in Munich.

Technical progress and flexibility

Let’s see what makes this machine so special. First of all, it is a huge flexibility on and off the construction site. The pump is mounted on a three-axle chassis MAN TGS 33.470 6×4 BB CH. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce the overall weight and maneuverability of the vehicle. The boom consisting of five arms in the “multifold” system allows working in different conditions and building structures. Five arms with over-standard opening angles allow concrete to be pumped even into the interior spaces of buildings. Likewise, the maximum unfolding height of only 7.2 m predetermines the vehicle for a wide range of uses.
The multifunctionality of the model is supported by the patented XXT outrigger system. The triggers allows working even in really narrow spaces and thanks to this the pump can be used even in the most demanding conditions. At the same time, the XXA stability control system automatically guards the stability of the entire vehicle to prevent it from overturning. The extension of the stabilizing feet is controlled using a remote control, on the display of which the operator can also see the active work zones.

High performance and low operating costs

The advantage of this concrete pump is also its performance. Pumping is provided by a very strong semi-closed hydraulic “PowerBlock”, which allows transporting more than 160 m3/hour. Thanks to the semi-closed hydraulic circuit, which combines the advantages of proven open and closed circuits, oil consumption is eliminated. This affects both overall weight and operating costs. Everything is supplemented with a tank for water, as well as a reserve tank for fuel. It is worth mentioning the shape of the hopper, which helps the smooth pumping of concrete mixtures. Two agitators inside the hopper are used to push concrete into the suction space of the hopper, which is especially necessary when pumping stiffer concrete mixtures. The manufacturer also supplies the pump with a wide range of accessories that the customer can choose himself. Whether it is work area LED light or various storage spaces and boxes for tools and spare hoses.

The first experiences of the operator

The operator from OSBET Betón summarizes his impressions of the new machine as follows:

“After a short run-in, the pump is fast and nimble. Unpacking the five arms into the working position and, of course, the subsequent assembly are more time-consuming. You have to get used to a different control system. Spreading in narrow spaces is perfect. The car is strong and gets where it needs to go. Overall, this is a very decent machine and positive feelings and satisfaction prevail.”
The new product from Liebherr, the model THP 170H 36 M5 XXT, has great potential on the market, thanks to its low weight and wide range of use in different conditions. This is also why this machine is referred to as an “All-rounder” in the manufacturer’s materials – that is, as a versatile machine with a number of Liebherr innovations.

Autor: David Vobora
Foto: Kranimex a Jaroslav Bzenecký