Modernization of the power plant in Ostrava

Modernization of the power plant in Ostrava

Modernization of the power plant in Ostrava – part of Třebovice is currently underway.
This coal-fired power plant has been a source of heat and electricity in the region since 1933 and at one time was one of the largest in Central Europe.

We used a Liebherr 250EC-B Litronic tower crane with a maximum load capacity of 12 tons to replace the important filter technologies of the power plant.

The tower crane was delivered for our partner – the company MROZEK a.s. and its assembly was carried out with the help of a mobile crane from their own fleet.

Due to the fact that the chimney of one of the main boilers is located in the rotation zone of the tower crane, it was necessary to ensure the prevention of collision of the boom with the chimney during the works, even outside of working hours.
The Litronic control system made it possible to set the so-called circular section, which does not allow the crane to turn its arm into the zone of possible collision with the chimney during crane work.
Outside of working hours, the crane is anchored with a two-arm rope tie to the prescribed anchor points.

LH 250 EC-B 12 Litronic
undercarreiage 6x6m
Height under the hook
Boom length
Min. carrying capacity
35m / 7800 kg
Max. carrying capacity
2,6–21,5 m / 12 000 kg