Economic batching plant with unique advantages

The LCM 1.0 concrete batching plant combines solid construction, cost-effective transport and
assembly with an attractive price/performance ratio. A wide variety of concrete recipes are produced
reliably and in high quality. The plant is equipped with a powerful ring-pan mixer and produces up to
60 m³ of fresh concrete per hour. The entire concept is designed for high efficiency and a long service
life. Modern technology at an affordable price.
Moderná technológia za prijateľnú cenu.

Various mixer options for customer-
specific requirements

Liebherr ring-pan mixer for standard to
high-performance concrete types
Optionally with agitator system
for maximum efficiency

Efficient aggregate storage
in an in-line silo

Standard in-line silo with 4 x 10 m³ filling
Optionally, the transport optimised in-line
silo with 4 x 25 m³ filling volume

control system

Easy and intuitive control system via laptop
Clear display of the essential operations
Constant monitoring of the mixing process
through fixed scale displays

Cost-effective transport and mobile plant concept

The LCM 1.0 concrete batching plant, designed for economical concrete production, enables a
simple, fast as well as cost-effective transport in 2 x 40ft. HC containers. Thus, the concrete batching
plant ensures a high degree of mobility and offers the possibility of an uncomplicated and rapid
relocation of the plant.

Cost-efficient transport

Time-saving assembly

Mobile concept

 Transport in 2 x 40ft. HC containers thanks to the
well planned and space-saving concept
of the concrete batching plant

Plant can be lifted in a single operation
with the aid of a crane

 In order to be able to realise the quickest
and simplest possible assembly, foldable
components and pre-mounted steel
foundations are used

Modern control system Litronic-BCS 3

The Litronic-BCS 3 is a fully automatic, real-time capable control system with extensive features. All
standard tasks as well as data management can be carried out conveniently. The simple operation
of the control system via two monitors allows the operator parallel master data management and
visualisation of the process flow. The visualisation components can be freely adapted. In addition,
the system has automatic safety monitoring. Manual intervention during the automatic runtime is
possible at any time.

Competence in mixing technology

Liebherr has been developing and producing its own mixer
systems for over 60 years. In the company‘s own mixing
technology laboratory, the mixer systems are constantly being
further developed and optimised during tests with a wide
range of materials. The main focus of development is the
realisation of a long mixer service life, a high output rate with
consistently high quality as well as a maintenance-friendly
arrangement of all service elements.

The LCM 1.0 is equipped with an efficient Liebherr ring-pan mixer. In addition, if required, even demanding mixing tasks can be solved fast and easily by using an agitator system.

Ring-pan mixer
type R 1.0

Designed for all standard recipes
• The arrangement of the mixing tools is
optimised to mix the raw materials quickly
and efficiently to obtain the desired mixing

Ring-pan mixer with agitator system
type RIM-M 1.0

The agitator system ensure intensive
mixing performance and also master
demanding recipes
• The agitator breaks up the cement faster
and homogenises the mixture in a shorter

From standard to high-tech,
always the right product

Thanks to the adaptation options, the
ring-pan mixer are ideal for any mixing
task, from standard to high performance
The optimum solution for every mixing

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