We have an extensive fleet of Liebherr tower cranes of various types and configurations. Choose a crane suitable for the technical requirements of your project and we will provide you with a complete service.

• design and drawing into project documentation
• transport of crane parts to the site
• assembly and disassembly of tower crane
• service for the entire length of the crane deployment
•  qualified crane operators

If you need to rent a tower crane for smaller projects, we recommend using  Fast-Erecting Cranes.

EC-B cranes

EC-H cranes

LC cranes

EC cranes

• The lift height depends on the tower configuration used. For taller objects, it is possible to anchor on objects. For such purposes, we have a qualified team of technicians who will design the ideal solution and provide static / pressure calculations for the construction of extra tall tower cranes.






We can provide other categories of cranes according to customer requirements.

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